SEO Specialists India is one of the best SEO company offers world-class SEO services at an affordable cost.

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  • Tell me about your link building campaign

We’re an SEO company passionately committed to our client’s success. There is hardly any search engine marketing company that can boast a fantastic 100% success rate as we do. With every passing year, we have justified this success rate with a very satisfied and more successful global client base. Thanks to this; we have today grown as a recognized leader in providing search engine optimization services, right through the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large corporate companies.

By following high quality, legal, and perfectly safe white-hat optimization methods, we have brought many of our clients’ websites to the front page of Google rankings. As a company, we efficiently cater to the diversified online marketing aspirations of our customers. Therefore, we have varied types of SEO plans and options giving the webmasters with enough choices to befit their needs.

Note: We do not accept pharmacy, gambling, adult, or other questionable sites!

  • How you go about optimizing our website with the search engines?

We can do it both ways, if you have an in-house webmaster, we send our recommendation to you and you can implement the suggestions.

Or else, if you don't have you can give us c-panel access to your website and our web master will take care of the implementing the changes.

  • Do you guarantee to improve ranking in the search engine?

Yes, we can guarantee you about improvement in the ranking. However, if you are targeting the top 5 on Google, then we would tell you the time required to attain such position, based on various factors. The most important is the keyword that you are targeting and the competition for such keywords.

Moreover, the top 10 ranking depends on numerous factors. As for example, if the competition for a particular keyword is pretty high, no SEO company can assure you top 10 ranking. However, we can assure you at the beginning of the contract as to how much time it would take for a particular keyword to project your site on the page 1 of Google search.

  • When you say top ranking, you mean which part of the google page? Is it on the sponsor links or search rank?

When we say ranking in SEO terms, it is organic search ranking, not a sponsored link.

  • Can I see the result as soon as possible?

You can see the positive trends in traffic flow in the initial 3 – 4 weeks of a professional SEO campaign. However, to see the improvement in page ranking you have to wait for at least 3 months. It is so, as because that is the time Google takes to update its database.

  • Please provide me with more details on it, including its terms. Also I want to have a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) in place between our respective firms

We do not make any formal agreement with our clients. Our clients are free to decide when they want to stop the SEO campaign, informing us just one week in advance.

  • Are your prices too high?

No. Our prices are very competitive compared to our high level of services.

  • Will you send me a day- to- day basis progress report?

During the project execution we will keep you informed about the progress. We will send you all Link Building Reports containing URLs of every page where you can see the live working back-link of your website.

Basically, we will send you the report on weekly or monthly basis.

  • Do you have any free trial options?

No. However, we provide different plans just to let our clients see the positive trends in traffic generation in the initial 3 – 4 weeks of a professional SEO campaign.

  • Are your services prepaid or postpaid?

All of our plans are prepaid based, we can not work on payments based on result model for SEO campaign. We don't have any contract or locking periods. All our SEO services are on a monthly basis.

  • Is there any refund facility available?

"Karmick Solutions always provides 100% satisfaction guarantee to their clients. If the client feels that Karmick's effort do not justify during the first 30 days of campaign. We will refund the amount (except the actual cost on man hours spent by Karmick)"

Karmick Solutions provides this money back guarantee because we feel that all clients have the right to test our services. However, the confidence we have in our professionals that we will satisfy our clients by providing effective results.

  • How an overseas SEO service provider can help in our business?

Through lower operational cost, highly skilled manpower, professional approach, and also quality services.

  • Can I have a single point of contact with your organization?

Yes, you can have. And for this you will need to sign up, then only you can have a single point of contact.