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SEO Services

At Seo-Specialists-India, we proudly assert to be the premium SEO service provider in India. We provide our niche service at various affordable rates. The vast repertoire of our highly acknowledged services include improved ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), link exchange services, pay per click management, social bookmarking, website promotion, etc.

We take pride in our efforts to provide our global customers to source quality traffic to their site. This enhances the site’s popularity on the internet and also attracts a higher rate of return on investment (ROI). Our procedures gel with the search engines' terms of services and are adhered to the ethical practices.

Our approach necessarily involves an accurate implementation of the following result-oriented online marketing strategies in the field of search engine optimization:

A. Research & Analyses

To offer an adept set of client-specific SEO solutions, we at Seo-Specialists-India dedicatedly conform a strict scrutiny of all the available streams, letting a business unit gain a prominent presence in the realms of Internet world. It is by following these initial steps that we ultimately stage a perfect launchpad for a website to market its products and services.

A-01. Keyword Cogency A-02. Semantic Analyses
A-03. Keyword Research A-04. Position Monitoring
A-05. Website Analyses A-06. Competitive Assessment
A-07. Behavioral Research A-08. Goal Analyses
A-09. Campaign Structure A-10. Website Auditing
A-11. Page Conversion Consultation A-12. Critical Assessment
A-13. Industry Analyses A-14. Site Architecture Consultation
A-15. Web Spider Simulation A-16. Webmaster Assessment
A-17. Coding / Graphics Analyses A-18. Web Browser Compatibility

B. Technical Implementation

B-01. Google Analytics Set Up B-02. 404 Error Customization
B-03. Google Webmaster Tool Set Up B-04. Goal Setting
B-05. Website Mapping B-06. Google Alert Setting
B-07. Robots.txt B-08. IP Validation
B-09. URL Canonicalization B-10. Broken Link Fixation
B-11. MOD Rewrite B-12. Spider Friendly Navigation
B-13. Availability of Search Facility B-14. Live Support
B-15. Breadcrumb Navigation B-16. XML RSS Feeds
B-17. Script Optimization B-18. Website Validation

C. On-page SEO

This includes certain internal or structural changes to improve a particular website’s ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs). However, a better visibility is not the only factor to increase the conversion rates. Certain other issues, like the time the website takes to load, or the relevancy of the content on the landing pages also decide much in configuring a particular site’s popularity.
In Seo-Specialists-India, we function in accordance to a highly commercialized standard and regularly provide our clients with all the necessary services.

C-01. Page Titles C-02. Meta Description
C-03. Meta Keywords C-04. Header (H1 / H2)
C-05. Image Alt-tag C-06. HTML Validation
C-07. SEO Copywriting C-08. Page Rank
C-09. Indexing C-10. Fixing Duplicate Content
C-11. Keyword Density C-12. Linking Anchor Texts
C-13. Naming Image Files C-14. Landing Page Creation

D. Off-page SEO

We, at Seo-Specialists-India, offer a perfect win-win situation for our clients in availing this highly craved for SEO service. Our in-house experts are adaptable in implementing off-page SEO fundamentals in such a manner that these are sure to let you experience a growth both in terms of traffic maximization and so also the sales revenue.

D-01. Web Directory Submission D-02. Article Submission
D-03. Press Release D-04. Social Bookmarking
D-05. Reciprocal Link Building D-06. Three Way Link Building
D-07. Local Listings D-08. Search Engine Submission
D-09. Content Submission D-10. Review Posting
D-11. Classified Advertisements D-12. Yahoo Answers
D-13. Wikipedia D-14. E-book Submission
D-15. Newsletter Marketing D-16. Email Marketing
D-17. Paid Links (On extra charge) D-18. Pod Casting
D-19. Software Submission D-20. Contest Submission

E. Social Media Optimization

E-01. Forum Posting E-02. Forum Commenting
E-03. Blog Posting E-04. Blog Commenting
E-05. RSS Feed Submission E-06. Social Networking
E-07. Streaming Video Promotion E-08. Coupon Submission
E-09. Link Wheel E-10. Image Sharing

F. Conversion Rate Optimization

F-01. Engagement Test F-02. Appealing Offers
F-03. A/B Multivariate Testing F-04. Google Website Optimizer
F-05. Defining the USP F-06. Trend Analysis
F-07. Bounce Rate Reduction F-08. Cost per Acquisition
F-09. Organizing and Placing the Content F-10. Adding Opt-Ins
F-11. Logo Credibility Building F-12. Corporate Slogans
F-13. Benefit Oriented Headlines F-14. Layout Optimization
F-15. Safety and Security of Transactions F-16. Optimizing Conversion Path
F-17. Testing Conversion with Persona F-18. Optimize the Usage of Images
F-19. Benefit Bullet and Value Hierarchies F-20. Tabbed Navigation
F-21. Risk Reversal Analysis F-22. Use of Sub Headlines
F-23. Optimum Link Length F-24. Trigger Words
F-25. Competitive Performance Gap Analysis F-26. Click Mapping

G. Project Reporting

G-01. Initial Ranking Report G-02. Weekly Report
G-03. Monthly Guidelines G-04. Monthly Report
G-05. Google Analytics Report G-06. Google Webmaster Report

To keep pace with the constantly changing parameters, as introduced by the most popular search engines to determine the ranking of a particular website, a comprehensive study on internet strategy is much required to climb up the ladder to secure a topmost position on the search engine rankings.

Our Advantages:

  • Regarded to be one of the premium SEO service providers in India
  • Well spread out client base all across the world
  • An expert team of specialists with immense exposure on the latest nitty-gritty of SEO technicalities
  • Affordable multi-structured rates
  • Assured higher ROI

At Seo-Specialists-India, our major objective lies in procuring your site through this complex web of constantly varying parameters and providing you with a solution that is best suited to your marketing aspirations.

Please feel free to contact us at or post your query through the “Request A Quote” link, and our representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We will be glad to assist you in making it sure that your site gets all its due attention on the world wide web.