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SEO Articles

We link your website to other relevant websites by submitting informative, business-centric and relevant write-ups and articles. We have a content writing team that uses the right language needed to arrest the attention of readers to the write-ups. This too is a time consuming procedure where creativity ranks above everything else.

How It Helps

  • Better rankings: Our team of writers uses the right keywords in their articles and write-ups that increase the traffic to the site. Thus the search engine ranking becomes better.
  • Low link advantage: It has been noticed that the number of outgoing links from an article or write-up page is fewer than any other page. So, there is less outgoing link advantage, which helps in improving search engine rankings.
  • Links in the text: While creating content for the article for submission, we incorporate many links to the website that refer to various pages. Each link has a unique anchor text. With this, visitors can visit to many pages to the website.
  • Longevity: Many websites that allow article submission usually do not take the articles off them. The articles generally lie there for years, and after that they can often be found in the archives section.
  • Relevant traffic: Visitors and readers that visit the web page where the article will be submitted will more often that not be relevant users looking for information concerning your business. The links placed in the content will lead them to the website, hence drawing direct and relevant traffic.
  • Branding of the website: Well-written, informative and gripping content does well for both the reader and your website. By providing information, you also lend more visibility to your website and are put in good light by the reader.

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